Security is a concern for everyone in the aviation industry. Aviation security affects all areas of operation. Everyone, right from security staff, crew members, cargo staff to passengers has a key role in keeping the industry safe. This course ensures that the Cabin crew is aware of all aspects of security and equipped to handle potential threat situations.

    The course covers the following topics:

  • Use the procedures to safeguard aircraft security.
  • Handle Smokers, Intoxicated and Unruly Passengers by using your tact and training.
  • Recognize situations when you need to apply restraint devices on unruly passengers.
  • Learn to apply the restraint devices on unruly passengers.
  • Use your knowledge and discretion to identify potential threats to security and use procedures to deal with them.
  • Tactfully deal with hijackers and potential threats by safeguarding your own and the aircraft safety.
2 hour

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