Aircraft Technical (B777, A320, A330)

The course describes the components of the aircraft and how the aircraft is able to fly. It also helps the learners to understand the techniques for opening the doors and the operation of escape slides.

    The course covers the following topics:

  • Identify the major aircraft components, primary and secondary control surfaces.
  • Explain how lift is created enabling an aircraft to fly.
  • Explain how weight and balance is vital in enabling an aircraft to fly safely.
  • Describe the dimensions and configuration of the aircraft
  • Describe the techniques of opening doors under normal and emergency situations
  • Describe the Operation of Slides and Slide Rafts
  • Recall the procedure to open and close the cockpit door
  • Describe the types of Oxygen system used in the cabin and cockpit
  • Describe the location, features and operations of the Cabin Intercommunication System
  • Describe how the Water and Waste system works
1 hour

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