• LMS Services

    Services for LMS Implementation, LMS Administration, Support, Helpdesk, LMS System Admin Training, Customisations, Integration, and Onsite Business Analysis and support.

  • Managed Learning Services

    Peak Pacific is a domain expert in Learning, providing the four pillars of learning services: consulting, services, product implementation and process administration.

    Peak implements this through a Managed Learning Services model wherein cross-functional dedicated teams manage training and learning processes including Larning Strategy, content creation and development, and LMS deployment and administration.

    The Managed Learning Services model provides clients with the advantages of global quality design, cost-efficient learning operations, and quick implementation timelines.

  • Content Development Services

    Peak Pacific has a robust portfolio of Content Development services, custom-built for different verticals. Our strength lies in bringing Subject Matter Experts to the party, ensuring that industry knowledge is available at various stages of content design and development. Complemented by a focused set of professional designers who understand domain content and industrial strength development processes, we offer Content Creation, Design, Development, Evaluation, and Continuous Learning Design services for classroom-based learning, computer-based training, web-based training, mobile-learning and social learning contexts. Our solutions are available for different technology eco-systems, in various formats, and across platforms.