The transformational changes taking place in the global health care sector can be disconcerting and challenging, but they can also push participants to innovate in new and exciting ways of learning. Health information technology and innovation are becoming important contributors to improve the quality of care, reduce the cost of care, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes. Advancements such as electronic health records, mHealth applications, e-prescribing, and predictive analytics are being used to better understand diseases and potential treatments and to identify similarities across patients to improve the quality of care.

Just as healthcare leaders are redefining delivery of care, as a learning leader Peak Pacific redefines the delivery of learning with a mission to support leaders design impactful, intentional and facilitate on-the-job learning experience.

Peak Pacific support organisations in improving their ability to service their customers' needs through innovative and creative training interventions, consulting, and business improvement solutions.

  • Learning

    Peak Pacific with the help of its partners provides an impressive catalog of content utilizing top shelf Subject Matter Experts. Offerings include full and customizable curriculums on Joint Commission, OSHA, Disaster Preparedness, Corporate Compliance, HIPAA Compliance, and Clinical Research Compliance.

    All of the Joint Commission/OSHA courses are:

    • Designed to be delivered, tracked and managed on YOUR current e-Learning system or on our partners award-winning Learning Management System.
    • Updated in accordance with Joint Commission/OSHA standards.
    • Professionally customized for your facility specific mandates.
    • Interactive and engaging.
    • Written to be understood by your entire employee population.

    We work closely with you to design and deliver customized training and support for your hospital or office-based clinical and administrative staffs and systems. We make information meaningful to learners by communicating tangible benefits, contextualizing it in real-world scenarios, and helping them integrate it into their daily practice.

    Beyond achieving proficiency during the training process, our goal is to help learners use their new knowledge and skills on the job, thus improving accuracy, efficiency, and quality of care.

  • Technology

    Peak Pacific with its partners extended its technology offerings on the knowledge and belief that the healthcare e-Learning market (employees and administrators) were in dire need of mission-critical ingredients, which include a dedicated healthcare centric corporation focusing on providing healthcare institutions:

    • A reliable, technically superior, top quadrant talent & learning system at a reasonable price point.
    • Best-in-class technology that allows clients to increase productivity and reign in costs, including maximizing and harnessing ways to utilize no cost or low cost e-Learning events/modules.
    • Tenured healthcare e-Learning professionals dedicated to nurturing and supporting clients' specific and unique e-Learning needs.
    • Reliable and professional department-specific compliance content.

    Offers an open-source, scalable, globally proven, reliable, and cutting-edge blended Learning & Talent Management System to the healthcare arena. The system is SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 certified, as well as AICC & OLSA conformant.

  • Mobility

    Adoption of new technologies is driving change in the way physicians, patients, and other stakeholders interact. For example, mobile technology and devices are bringing care to many rural parts of the world. Through its partner, Peak Pacific offers Mobile Enterprise Knowledge Platform which is an end-user version of powerful and robust LMS - running independently from a USB flash drive (or from any user device that runs Java).

    It is platform-neutral and no installation or Internet connection required.

    Peak Pacific offers a full spectrum of mobile learning consulting and development services to help you succeed with your mobile learning programs. These services include:

    • Mobile Learning Strategy Consulting
    • Instructional Design
    • Mobile Content Authoring
    • Mobile & Video-based Courseware
    • Interactive Games & Simulations
    • Legacy Course Conversion

    There are specialized mobile health needs where portable, customizable, and affordable mobile devices are a perfect fit to enhance training and overall healthcare management. Some of the mLearning options are:

    • Education and awareness
    • Remote data collection and monitoring
    • Communication and training for healthcare workers
    • Disease and epidemic outbreak
    • Diagnostic and treatment support
    • Personal well-being

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