The aerospace industry is transforming. The changing global economy and demand from emerging markets brings different challenges to global aerospace industry leaders. Industries must identify new partnerships and new ways to leverage regional partnerships to address different regulatory requirements across different geographies. Cost of new compliances, time-to-fly and a need for sustainable innovation are key drivers for growth in the industry.

Peak Pacific brings a team of highly experienced aerospace professionals with more than 3 decades of working experience in managing and running training operations across aerospace organisations. Our unique mix of solutions, prepared by the advisory board, makes us the ideal partner for the industry, and enables us to make the right decisions on your behalf for real business results.

  • Learning

    Peak Pacific specializes in reducing the overall training footprint by providing a suite of courses for Flight operation, Cabin crew and ground staff training. We can:

    • Consult on creating learning roadmaps and strategies to build a technology driven learning environment.
    • Customise and deploy existing learning courses to suit your organisational and compliance needs.
    • Create Talent Management Programs that reward creativity and ingenuity in product and services development and delivery.
    • Deliver Business Skill Improvement Training Programs on-site and online for skill development.
  • Technology

    We have a proven expertise in creating a technology-enabled operations environment for airlines to improve the training operations efficiency. We can:

    • Customise and implement a strong compliance-based Learning Platform to help you create an effective and efficient learning delivery infrastructure.
    • Design and implement immersive environments to help reduce the process and procedural break-points.
    • Design and implementation of competency based grading system to help you assess the real time data on your crew competency.
  • Mobility

    Peak Pacific has an unrelenting focus towards bringing interventions that help in a measurable improvement where it impacts the most—your mobile crew. We can:

    • Create assessment-based mobile apps to test the knowledge and push the information with regards to product services or competition.
    • Develop performance support apps to provide just-in-time performance improvement interventions for your workforce.
    • Customise and implement learning apps and interactive manuals in forms of eBooks.