See what our customers have to say about Peak Pacific’s offerings and services.

"The development by Peak Pacific was extremely efficient and very spontaneous in parallel with the development of the policy (content). The feedback loop to and from was very real time and interactive. Since we were under time pressure, Peak Pacific did a great job deploying resources to meet our need, very flexible to our change request, proactive.

Application on the job has been effective. More than few cases where the crew and ground staff have handled the case of pax with disability well based on the knowledge they have gained from."

-Pom Komutanont, Manager Inflight Services Development & Standards, ISD

"I enjoyed this module a lot. The function of having a Verbal coaching and explanation for the module instead of a lot of reading is a great tool. It makes the experience a lot more enjoyable and less mundane as reading lots of text. Overall, this has been the best presented CBL I have participated in since joining CX. Many Thanks to the Design Team!"

-Alan Davis, Customer Sales Officer, WRT, Sydney (Learner)

"Cebu Pacific Air is glad to be working with Peak Pacific to improve our training through the use of its expertise in e-learning and learning management systems. This partnership allows us to forge a long term corporate learning strategy that addresses our needs to continuously drive innovation, encourage leadership and collaboration across our teams. We look forward to enhancing training and learning across divisions within the airline, including flight operations, sales and ticketing, airport services and commercial distribution, amongst others"

-Rick Howell, Cebu Pacific Executive Adviser.

"Kishor's business acumen and commercial foresight combined with his active participation proved crucial to the amalgamation of a number of individual eLearning cells within the airline, enabling the eventual spinoff of a unified eLearning group in accordance with a business plan which identified Kishor as a primary driver.

There is no question as to Kishor's knowledge of and dedication to eLearning. He has a passion for the work and this is evident in the energy he contributes to projects, big and small."

- Mr. Kieran O'Carroll, Asst. Director Safety, Operations and Infrastructure, IATA.

"Peak Pacific has been a key partner for Learning Solutions since 2008, and has brought stability to our learning delivery processes, managed our learning environment and Learning Technology services. With Peak Pacific's global knowledge and requirements of the aviation operation environment and their expertise in emerging Learning and Learning Technologies, we look forward to working as partners to further develop our vision and strategy in this area over the next five years."

-Alan Glen, Manager (Flight Operations - Ground Training) for Cathay Pacific underlined the significance of the relationship.

"Peak Pacific has been a key partner for learning services over the past 18 months or so, and has provided a level of guidance and confidence in terms of what is possible by implementing a blended learning solution using online Learning and Learning technology. With Peak Pacific's global knowledge in the aviation Learning space and their expertise in Learning Technologies, we are pleased to be working as partners and look forward to implementing a world class solution over the coming years."

-Captain Sami SLIM, (Manager Training) for Air Arabia shared the significance of the relationship.